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[09 Oct 2011|04:01pm]
last night, i had to euthanize sammy the fish. he was really sick and wasnt eating. when i told my mom i was going to, her eyes kinda swelled up haha. we've never had pets but my mom loved that fish for some reason. anyway, i froze him and flushed him. seeing him dead really made me sad.

anyway, caity tells me to buy tickets off the fest message board. i really would like to go and weekend passes arent that expensive. a week in gainesville and orlando would be a lot of fun.


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[06 Sep 2011|01:58pm]
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[02 Aug 2011|04:35pm]

this song. this band. god. so much love. my favorite pink couch session.
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hey look!!! [24 Jul 2011|09:53pm]

those are my favorites, too. but in reverse.
and my dealer got back to me woo!!!!
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GIFS I MADE CAUSE GIFS ARE FUN [13 Jul 2011|04:53pm]

boopCollapse )
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[01 Jul 2011|11:17am]
Poll #1757849 will you go out with me

will you go out with me

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[14 Jun 2011|08:28am]
i think i broke my foot's pinky toe running
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[12 Jun 2011|04:15am]
here are some gifs i made just now

my good friend with whom I talk to a lot is leaving the country for two months and I am sad.
but taco bell is selling crunchwraps for 99 cents this week, so that's nice
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[10 Jun 2011|04:51am]

this song has been stuck in my head for days. i love this band so, so, so much
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[17 Apr 2011|01:43pm]

my mom has been asking for a tour of our place, so this it. check it out.
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[15 Apr 2011|10:45pm]

how can we do this? skype? screen share? come over? this needs to be done. watching alone is not fun. i have pot. and i will make you chicken with waffle fries.

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today was cool [14 Apr 2011|08:55pm]
it was really nice out today.

i woke up and hung out with alyssa. smoked a few bowls and then john and chrissy invited us out for coffee. we went to this really nice place. there was a dog outside the cafe. he had a bowl and a bed. i guess he belonged tot he owners.

then i got dropped off at home while everyone ran errands. i had my interview at whole foods at 2. i got ready and went. i think it went well. i hope it did. maybe i'll hear from them tomorrow?

chrissy and alyssa worked on these pot brownies all day. they came out really well and were soooo tasty.

then sean picked me bc he wanted to drop off shit at music stores for record day. when we got the mall, i was pretty stoned, but it was so different and nice. i also found out some shocking news about my friends.

oh, so i guess alyssa's moving in. she got keys today. rent's gonna be cheaper, which rules.

anyway, i just got home. i'm really tired. lately, ive been going to bed like at 9 pm and waking up around 7 or 8. but im staying up to watch the office. the body high from that brownie is awesome.

here's a pic from today

i miss chelsea
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IIIIIIIVE been awake since 11:30pm [08 Apr 2011|12:49pm]
yeah, so, to try and correct my sleep schedule, im trying to stay up all day so i can passout around 8pm. dont think that's gonna happen.

ANYWAY, i was playing video games in living room this morning around 8 when ryan went to work and alyssa hung out on the couch with me. we smoked a bong pack and decied to go out for food before she had to go to work. i suggested julians for breakfast and off we went.

i had the same french toast from before, but this time i also had eggs, home fries and italian toast. alyssa had the same thing, with a few variations. oh yeah and i got strawberry milk and it was so so so so good. fuck. and alyssa got a huge mimosa.

she had that much left before we left. she finally said "fuck it, im just gonna chug it" and finished it.

now im home, tired. i want to nap so bad. uggghhhhh
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[05 Apr 2011|03:48pm]
contemplating cutting my hair this short again..it's getting kinda long. but it's such a drastic change.

this post was kinda fem, ngl.
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[16 Mar 2011|06:01pm]
last night was the am! show. the whiskey republic is a really nice place and the stage was in a tiny corner of the room. then am! played and it was the best show i'd ever been to. in my life. ever. it was amazing.

so fucking good. they only played two new songs, which weren't even that bad. but everything else was from axl, cowboy, clarity and some new wave.

god. what a night. i had to drive sean and caity back to cumberland since sean was too drunk to drive. i ended up crashing in the basement with caity.

now, im home. i'm really sore but so happy. it was the best show ever. ever. god, it was perfect. i felt like i was 16 again.
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fun fun fun [14 Mar 2011|03:51pm]
yeah! ok, pax east was on saturday. chelsea picked me up and we got the train station and left for boston. we go to the convention center and FUUUUUUCK YEAAAAAHHH


so we go there and YEAH we walked around and shit. here's some pix. most of these are chelsea's.

bunch of pax east shitCollapse )

it was awesome. i had a fucking blast. it was great

after pax, we went out for dinner and met up with chelsea's old suffolk friends. they had a really big house in allston. boston kids are awesome.
then we went out for drinks and there was a fight while we waited in line.

then we crashed and went home the next day.
against me! is tomorrow and everyone is going. i'm pretty psyched.
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[10 Jan 2011|07:00pm]

ive been listening to a lot nofx the past week. i forgot about this song and i've been playing it all day.

anyway, i didn't go to work today because they didn't plow the streets and my car is terrible in snow. i went sledding with my brother and sister. then we got hot chocolate.

now i'm home. tired. no work tomorrow or wed. yay.

nine days. i'm gonna puke.
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serious question [16 Oct 2010|10:07pm]
is qui gon jin ultimately responsible for the rise of darth vader, the fall of the republic and the deaths of his fellow Jedis?

someone please help.
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whatre you gonna do, kick me in the naaads? [07 Sep 2010|02:27pm]
update on life:

-new bad religion comes out in 21 days
-dianna and i are no more. slooowly moving on.
-going to rhode island for adam and sam's wedding from sept. 30 to oct. 5. cant wait to see my loves.
-not going to school this semester. working in the office for the next few months to save money.
-moving in with jackie and alyssa in january. the drive from here to rhode island is going to suck. i dont know what its going to be like living with two women.
-i finally found a weed connection down here. that, and having an income, means im pretty stoned most nights.
-francely's having a baby. jesus.
-work is going really well. the office has finally died down, so we're entering the slow season. shit yeah.
-my new tv's getting here in a few hours. im gonna get stoned and watch pi on it tonight.

what else

have you guys played the scott pilgrim game? it has the best soundtrack i have ever fucking heard in my life. its on my playlist all the time.

i dont know. im pretty bored down here. i havent gotten laid since june. my social life is completely and utterly dead, but im throughly enjoying myself.

heres a picture of me

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fuck man [06 Feb 2010|07:05am]
tonight i geeked like i was 16 again. it was awesome.
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